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  • Designed for fast Metal Removal are at lowest possible cost.
  • Superior Value for the investment.
  • Easily and Readily available spare parts.
  • Ram is made of hard steel and of more Thickness.
  • Gears are made of graded materials. Helical Gears for Long Life and Lower sound.
  • Head's Design is prepared with Intention to work. Accurate Job and to help for full production.
  • Special Spindle Bearing Arrangement for smooth drilling and boring and it is completely balanced with Gears and Pulley.
  • Spindle is made of EN-8 steel with 6 slots.
  • All working parts are ground to maximum accuracy.
  • Base Plate is prepared from Vibration free, and of hard materials casting and inside ribs are molded and T. slots are also molded. Surface is machined perfect and face is grounded in level.
  • Metal of the Pillar is perfect and no vibration and it is full in lapping and because of the reason its accuracy and shining remains longer-time.
  • Table is of heavy fixed and it is machined in right-angle and on fixture.
  • In ordered to change the speed of the machine the cover provided on the top are common to all machine and can be changed without difficulty. It also protect the safety and clearing easily.
  • The feed of machine are very easily engaged and disengaged at any time with safe and reliable feed mechanism.
  • Heavy duty spindle running in a set of 4 Tapper nose held within large bearings eliminating vibration due to hanging spindle.


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